3rd Edition - 2015

The IEA-PVPS countries represented 155 GW of cumulative PV installations together, mostly grid-connected, at the end of 2014. Additional countries that are not part of the PVPS programme represent at least 22 additional GW. In total 177 GW of PV installations are producing more than 1% of the electricity demand in the world while the 2014 market reached at least 38,7GW.

This report aims at providing a preliminary snapshot of the global PV market evolution during the last year.

Report Scope and Ob­jective

The “Snapshot of Global PV” aims at providing preliminary information about how the PV market developed in the last year.

IEA-PVPS collects information from official governmental bodies and reliable industry sources. Information about countries outside the IEA-PVPS network is collected through the industry network and industrial associations.The information is condensed in this snapshot report in order to provide the best preliminary overview of global PV market development.