National Survey Reports

National Survey Reports are produced one time per year by national PV experts. They focus on the development of the PV market in a defined country, the support policies, its industry, the R&D activities and further information. These reports are used as a base for the annual "Trends in PV Applications" report.

For some countries, reports exist for more than ten years, providing an in-depth view on the way how PV policies shaped the market and the industry on a long period of time.


    Document name Issue date Creator / Publisher Details
61National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in Malaysia 2011 National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in Malaysia 2011 2012/05/31Dato’ Hj. Badaruddin bin Mahyudin  /  Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water
62National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in Sweden 2011 National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in Sweden 2011 2012/05/31  /  
63National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in Australia 2011 National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in Australia 2011 2012/05/31Dr Muriel Watt & Dr Robert Passey  /  Australian PV Association
64National Survey Report Denmark 2010National Survey Report Denmark 20102011/08/22Peter Ahm, PA Energy Ltd.  /  IEA PVPS & PA Energy Ltd.
65National Survey Report Germany 2010National Survey Report Germany 20102011/08/11Dr L Wisssing, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmH  /  IEA PVPS & BMU
66National Survey Report Switzerland 2010National Survey Report Switzerland 20102011/07/20Pius Huesser, Nova Energie GmbH  /  IEA PVPS & Swiss Federal Office of Energy
67National Survey Report Sweden 2010 swedishNational Survey Report Sweden 2010 swedish2011/07/15J Lindahl, Angström Solar Center, Uppsala Un  /  IEA PVPS & Swedish Energy Agency
68National Survey Report Sweden 2010National Survey Report Sweden 20102011/07/15J Lindahl, Angstrom Solar Center, Uppsala Uni  /  IEA PVPS & Swedish Energy Agency
69National Survey Report USA 2010National Survey Report USA 20102011/07/15K. Bolcar, K. Ardani  /  IEA PVPS
70National Survey Report Korea 2010National Survey Report Korea 20102011/07/15Kyung-Hoon Yoon, Seongho Lee  /  IEA PVPS
71National Survey Report Norway 2010National Survey Report Norway 20102011/07/15L Bugge & F Salvesen, Asplan Viak - KanEnergi  /  IEA PVPS & Research Council of Norway
72National Survey Report Mexico 2010National Survey Report Mexico 20102011/07/15J M Huacuz Villamar, J Agredano Diaz  /  IEA PVPS & Instituto de Investigaciones Elect
73National Survey Report Japan 2010National Survey Report Japan 20102011/07/15M. Yamamoto, O. Ikki  /  IEA PVPS
74National Survey Report Australia 2010National Survey Report Australia 20102011/07/15Australian PV Association  /  IEA PVPS & Australian PV Association
75National Survey Report France 2010National Survey Report France 20102011/05/31Yvonnick Durand, Ademe  /  IEA PVPS & Ademe

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Title:National Survey Report Norway 2006
Issue date:2007/05/30
Description:National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in Norway 2006
Creator / Publisher:Lars Bugge and Fritjof Salvesen  /  IEA PVPS & KanEnergi AS
Copyright:IEA PVPS & KanEnergi AS
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Category:National report
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