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Title:Innovative Electrical Concepts
Issue date:2001/01/01
Description:The great advantage of photovoltaic (PV) systems is their highly modular structure. Building integrated PV-elements can easily be adapted to the architect ideas according to size, shape and mounting technique. The generation potential of suitable mounting surface areas is very significantly. This part of Task 7 work deals with electrical concepts that can be useful when PV is integrated in buildings. There are many new ideas such as: Use of DC-electricity in buildings Hybrid systems String inverter, inverter without transformer AC-Modules Inverters for single solar cells Info bus systems Signage, displays Electronics, information technology and PV-technology are all developing very rapidly. New ideas are implemented every day. Inverters and other electronic devices can now be built in large quantities, at lower cost and in smaller sized units. Furthermore this development is supported heavily by several new funding systems: Germany 100 000 Roofs Programme and PV tariff of 0,99 DM/kWh.
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Category:Technical report
Task 7
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