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Title:PV in Non Building Structures a design guide - 2001
Issue date:2001/03/31
Description:The report summarizes the problems faced and presents some design strategies to facilitate the successful use of PV in Non Building Structures (NBS). The purpose of the document is to provide designers with some guidelines when designing Non Building Structures with PV. Photovoltaic (PV) modules can be incorporated in Non-Building Structures such as bus shelters, information signs, street lights and sound barriers. The potential for using PV in Non-Building Structures in the built environment is large, even in a modern society where the electricity network is well developed. For applications with a low power requirement PV can be suitable as a commercial alternative to grid-connection, avoiding the need to dig up roads or pavements to lay cables. PV in these niche-applications can also be offered as an attractive design component that could be incorporated into structures combining economical benefits and attractive esthetical appearance. In addition one purpose could be easy recognition and visibility of the PV energy production for added value. Another purpose could be the opsite: a discrete adaption to a sensitive environment. PV systems integrated into Non-Building Structures need to consider a range of criteria such as irradiation, shading, orientation, visual impact, available surface and other technical requirements. Past experience has also shown that theft and vandalism can be a problem for the introduction of PV in these kinds of applications. This report summarises necessary considerations and the problems faced. It also presents some design strategies to facilitate the successful use of PV in Non-Building Structures. A number of case studies are included. These illustrate the versatility of PV in the urban environment. This document is a condensed version of a report produced by Miguel Angel Romero of ECoCoDE, Sweden, entitled: "PV in Non-Building Structures Design Issues", and a paper written by Mats Andersson of Energibanken AB and Miguel Angel Romero. The work was carried out within the IEA's PV Power Systems Programme Task VII and included in the Swedish national co-operation programme "SOLEL 97-99". Read also the article in PV Power PV in non-building structures
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