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Title:Utility aspects of grid-connected photovoltaic power systems
Issue date:1991/12/01
Description:This report summarizes the state of the art on the interface and interaction of a grid-connected PV-system and the utility power network. A total of 11 relevant topics are described in this report. Summaries of these topics are given at the beginning of each chapter. The subjects are: harmonics, ac-module, multiple inverters and ac-grid, grounding of equipment in pv-systems, ground-fault detection and array disable for pv-systems, islanding, electro-magnetic comptability (EMC) of inverter, external disconnect, re-closing, isolation transformer and DC-injection. See also the article Getting to grips with the grid in PV Power, Issue 11, August 1999.
Creator / Publisher:S.A.M. Verhoeven  /  IEA PVPS
Copyright:IEA PVPS
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Category:Technical report
Task 5