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Title:Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems: Power value and capacity value of PV systems - 2002
Issue date:2002/01/31
Description:The power value of PV generation in the grid varies instant by instant depending on the present level of power production and on the surrounding load conditions. It takes into account the reduction of energy production costs (savings in fuel consumption, O&M etc.), the transportation costs and, in some cases, the risk reduction as regards the possible situations of scarcity in given periods (peak hours). The power distribution grids in LV are often built as radial structures because it is assumed that the level of reliability of components reached nowadays does not justify the use of a net shaped grid. These last in fact, offer a modest improvement of the service but have costs of building, operation and maintenance too high. The appraisal of the impact of grid-connected PV plants on a LV grid has been performed by a comparison of the photovoltaic production power and local consumption. Basically, the impact of distributed PV generation depends strongly by the type of loads considered. If loads are represented by a bank or a supermarket, a certain penetration of PV contribute always to flatten the load curve and, under certain assumptions, to reduce Joule losses along the LV line. On the other hand, yearly data do not show great advantages in terms of PV capacity, which also in case of high penetration does not exceed a few percent of the maximum load.
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