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Title:International guideline for the certification of photovoltaic system components and grid-connected systems - 2002
Issue date:2002/01/31
Description:This report is a summary of the topic “Testing and Certification Methods” for the Subject 51.3, “Reporting of Photovoltaic System Grid-interconnection Technology”. The report is generic in format and is intended to provide an “Overview” international guideline for the evaluation of, and certification methods for, photovoltaic components and systems without naming specific equipment to be used or accuracies of the equipment or tests. This report provides an objective description of a comprehensive list of tests that may be used to certify photovoltaic components or complete photovoltaic systems. The requirements of each country will have to be taken into account for establishing detailed procedures and specified criteria and accuracies. This document can easily be used as a guideline for establishing more detailed international or national standards for certification of components or systems. This guideline lists applicable tests for certification but it is not intended to suggest that all of the tests in this document be performed in the field. Many specific tests that are applicable to, and necessary for, a particular system will be part of component listing or certification and do not need to be repeated for system certification. Some testing should always be performed before attempting to parallel with the utility grid. Utility power (other than temporary construction power for the system) may be available only after the necessary tests and the pre-parallel inspection have been passed. As system components and installation procedures become more standardized, the amount of testing will be minimized. For example, the installation electrician should eventually do the testing needed for small residential systems as part of his or her standard installation practice or procedures. However, that level of confidence will come only after buyer or third party testing has shown that the system, components, installation procedures, and installation personnel are proven to be adequate for all similar installations.
Creator / Publisher:Ward Bower  /  IEA PVPS
Copyright:IEA PVPS
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