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Title:Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems: Summary of IEA PVPS Task V activities from 1993 to 1998
Issue date:1999/03/01
Description:This report summarizes the important findings from the first stage of activities of IEA PVPS Task 5 - Grid Interconnection of Building Integrated and Other Dispersed Photovoltaic Power Systems. From 1983-1998, review of existing techniques and rules, theoretical and experimental investigation into the important issues of grid-interconnection of photovoltaic power generation were conducted and recommendations for further work were issued. See also the article Getting to grips with the grid in PV Power, Issue 11, August 1999.
Creator / Publisher:Takuo Yoshioka  /  IEA PVPS
Filesize:227 Kilobyte
Category:Technical report
Task 5