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Title:Common Practices for Protection Against the Effects of Lightning on Stand-Alone Photovoltaic systems - 2003
Issue date:2003/09/30
Description:This report first gathers general information about photovoltaic installations lightning protection measures and then describes lightning experts’ recommendations for different specific installations. Six examples of common installations with photovoltaic systems, as listed below, are then separately considered: Solar home power supply system Isolated household power supply system Mountain hut power supply system Radio relay power supply system Hertzian beam power supply system Pumping power supply system Recommendations made in this report are indicative. The solutions described will not guarantee 100% protection, but if applied, will serve to limit the extent of the damage caused by lightning events.
Creator / Publisher:Gérard Moine, Jean-Christian Marcel ...  /  IEA PVPS
Copyright:IEA PVPS
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Category:Technical report
Task 3