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Title:Lead-acid battery guide for stand-alone photovoltaic systems - 1999
Issue date:1999/11/30
Description:This is a document from the international co-operation within IEA PVPS Task 3. It is a compilation of mostly well known information on lead acid batteries for professional users. Still this information is seldom available for the user/installer of stand alone (not grid-connected) solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The battery is the weakest part of a stand-alone PV system today. Even by using only part of the information given in this guide the battery lifetime can be extended and the lifecycle cost can be reduced substantially in a PV system. In most cases a modern controller in the PV (Photovoltaic) system will take care of the main facts mentioned in this document. Therefore a good PV charge controller is a very cost-effective investment. A comprehensive compilation of important information on charge controllers for stand alone PV systems is given in an other IEA PVPS Task 3 document. Still some details like check of water level and cleaning of connectors has to be done manually at regular intervals. Also the right choice of battery type and proper installation is very important. The more specific advice in this guide is written for open (also called vented) lead acid batteries that is still the most common type in these systems due to significantly lower initial investment costs. The safety advice is also an important part of this guide. Even small batteries can be a safety hazard in several ways if mistreated. For the reader that wants to go deeper into the details of batteries for stand-alone PV systems, the reference list at the end can be recommended, especially.
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