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Title:Stand-alone PV Systems in developing countries - 1999
Issue date:1999/07/31
Description:In an effort to accelerate the implementation of stand-alone and island photovoltaic power systems in developing countries, it was realized that a number of steps needed to be taken. Firstly, an understanding of the state of the PV industry in developing countries needed to be formulated. Secondly, the barriers to the increased use of PV power systems needed to be identified. Thirdly, methods of addressing the identified barriers needed to be determined. To develop an industry baseline, the Task 3 Experts each completed a survey on a selected developing country. The information provided was collated with data drawn from other sources and a report produced, comparing social and geographic, economic and political, and industrial parameters. By comparing the successes that different policies and project approaches have engendered, as well as drawing information from other sources, the market barriers preventing the wide-spread implementation of photovoltaic power systems were identified.
Creator / Publisher:J. Bates, A. Wilshaw  /  IEA PVPS
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