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Title:Community Scale Solar Photovoltaics: Housing and Public Development Examples - 2008
Issue date:2008/03/31
Description:Executive Summary A major step towards mainstreaming PV on an Urban Scale is communities that standardise PV technology in the housing or community design. This report provides examples of housing developments and incorporated townships that have integrated multiple stakeholder values1 into business solutions. Total installed distributed PV power in the IEA PVPS countries reached 5,7 GW in 20062. In the emerging distributed energy market, communityscale PV is the key to portfolio diversity with benefits far beyond the community of installations. The database was developed with a template for gathering the information distributed to Task 103 and PV-UP-SCALE participants resulting in 38 communities surveyed. Most of the community scale PV examples are residential. There is also one Swedish example of the City of Malmo installing PV on public buildings. The community examples are categorised as ‘residential – urban’ and ‘public’. This collection of examples is not all inclusive and diverse communities combining commercial, residential and/or public building PV installations and loads may result in more benefits to all stakeholders.
Creator / Publisher:Keiichi Komoto, Task 10 experts, NEDO  /  IEA PVPS Task 10
Copyright:IEA PVPS Task 10
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Category:Task 10
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