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Title:Analysis of PV System's Values beyond Energy - 2008
Issue date:2008/01/31
Description:SUMMARY OF REPORT Although PV currently appears an expensive option for producing electricity compared to other energy sources, many countries support this technology because of its promising future potential and the additional benefits, besides generating electricity, associated with PV. These benefits need to be, firstly, identified and, secondly, quantified (especially for the demand side) in order to affect decision making in urban planning. The major stakeholders for PV comprise policy makers and governments, utilities and customers. Despite each stakeholder having different preferences and interests; each added value contributes to society’s welfare. In this context the core objective of this report is to identify, evaluate and quantify the major values and benefits of Urban Scale PV based on country specifics. The evaluated and / or quantified values have been categorised under the following groups. • Avoiding fossil fuels • Environmental benefits • Electric utilities benefits • Industry development and employment benefits and • Customer’s individual benefits.
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