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Title:Summary: Energy from the Desert 2 - 2006
Issue date:2006/11/30
Description:The world’s deserts are sufficiently large that, in theory, covering a fraction of their landmass with PV systems could generate many times the current primary global energy supply. This new Energy from the Desert volume examines and evaluates the potential of very large scale photovoltaic power generation (VLS-PV) systems. The authors present case-studies of both virtual and real projects based on selected regions (including the Mediterranean, Sahara, Chinese Gobi, Mongolian Gobi, Indian Thar, Australian Desert and the US) and their specific socio-economic dynamics, and argue that VLS-PV systems in desert areas will be readily achievable in the near future. As the essential companion to the previous IEA volume it reiterates and develops key concepts introduced by the original study and provides firm practical recommendations to achieve long-term targets for policy makers and investors. 'Never has very large scale photovoltaics received such an exhaustive analysis' Photon International A unique, extensive and high-level international study, representing the accumulated research of the world experts from an IEA programme Includes case studies of worked projects, in full colour throughout
Creator / Publisher:Kurokawa, Komoto, van der Vleuten, Faiman  /  IEA PVPS Task 8
Copyright:IEA PVPS Task 8
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