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Title:Country Reports on PV System Performance - 2004
Issue date:2004/11/30
Description:For this report all the 1202 annual datasets of the 370 PV systems in the IEA PVPS Performance Database were analyzed as a whole and grouped in grid-connected PV systems for each member country, integrated facade PV systems, stand-alone and stand-alone-hybrid PV systems. In addition 25 stand-alone PV systems and 28 annual datasets from France are also included in this report. The presented results in graphic form should give an overview of all the plant data and the operational performance of all the PV systems in the Performance Database (Version 2003-04). The plant data and the monitoring data was supplied by the Task 2 member of the respective country. Some non-members also supplied operational data. As it is within the scope of Task 2 to disseminate results of PV system performance to the target groups, this report is thought as a supplement to the IEA PVPS Performance Database. Most of the 395 PV systems analyzed perform well and represent the state of the art for a particular period and the monitoring data is of a good quality.
Creator / Publisher:L. Clavadetscher TNC Consulting AG ERLENBACH,  /  IEA PVPS Task 2
Copyright:IEA PVPS Task 2
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