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Title:Environmental Aspects of PV Power Systems
Issue date:1997/11/30
Description:This report contains the summary of the workshop "Environmental Aspects of PV Power Systems", organized under the supervision of PVPS Task 1 on June 25-27, 1997 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The report expresses the state-of-the-art in both research and in expert opinions on the subject. The environmental issues that are considered most relevant for PV power systems were identified in the workshop as well as the approaches that may be used to investigate them. The main environmental issues discussed at the workshop were: Energy use. Resource depletion. For example, the resource availability for indium (used in CIS-modules) and silver (used in mc-Si modules) has been indicated as potentially problematic. Climatic change. Greenhouse gas emissions (notably CO2) mostly originate from energy use and the potential for PV power system to reduce these emissions is receiving increasing attention. Health and Safety. Continuous or accidental releases of hazardous materials can pose a risk towards workers on the public. Waste. Land use; at least in the case of ground-based arrays.
Creator / Publisher:Nieuwlaar, Evert, Novem, The Netherlands  /  IEA PVPS Task 1
Copyright:IEA PVPS Task 1
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Category:Technical report
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