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Title:Buy-back rates for grid-connected photovoltaic power systems 1997
Issue date:1997/10/31
Description:The buy-back rates offered by utilities for electrical energy produced by grid-connected photovoltaic power systems has recently been considered as an important parameter for the deployment of such systems. This report summarises the different buy-back rate models implemented in the participating IEA member countries. The report mainly covers the period up to 1995 with additional information up to the end of 1996. The existing buy-back rate schemes for grid-connected photovoltaic power systems are classified and compared with the energy price from conventional energy systems. The situation in the participating countries is described according to the identified buy-back rate schemes. A first analysis is performed on the experiences and success of the observed schemes. Finally, these rate-based incentives are compared to other types of incentives. [ Top ]
Creator / Publisher:Nowak, Stefan, NET Ltd., St. Ursen, CH  /  IEA PVPS Task 1
Copyright:IEA PVPS Task 1
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Category:Technical report
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