Contacts Task 12

Presently, the following IEA PVPS countries are participating in Task 12. PV Environmental Health And Safety (EH&S) Activities:
Austria, China, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.

The management of the Task - the Operating Agent - is being executed by USA.

The national participants of IEA PVPS Task 12 are:


Ms. Susanne Schidler, University of Applied Science, Fachhochschule Technikum Wien, Department of Renewable Energy



Ms. Lu Fang, Institute for Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, purple[at]

Ms Zhang Jia, Institute for Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, zhangjia[at]


Ms. Isabelle Blanc, MINES Paris Tech, isabelle.blanc[at]


Michael  Held, LBP Stuttgart University, michael.held[at]

Karsten  Wambach, Wambach Consulting, wambach[at]

Sylke  Schlenker, Sunicon (Solar Materials), Sylke.Schlenker[at]

Wiltraud  Wischmann, ZSW, wiltraud.wischmann[at]


Mitsutoshi  Hino, Kyocera Corporation,[at]

Mr. Keiichi Komoto, Mizuho Japan, keiichi.komoto[at]

Atsuyuki Yamamoto, NEDO (Technology Development Organisation), yamamotoaty[at]


Ronny Glöckner, ELKEM solar, ronny.glockner[at]


Marco Raugei, ESCi (Escola Superior de Comerc Internacional) and Oxford Brookes University, marco.raugei[at] and marco.raugei[at]


Rolf Frischknecht, treeze Ltd., fair life cycle thinking, frischknecht[at] 

The Netherlands

Mariska  de Wild-Scholten, SmartGreenScans, mariska[at]

Carol Olson, Energy Research Center of the Netherlands (ECN), olson[at]


Garvin Heath, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Garvin.heath[at]

Parikit Sinha, First Solar, parikhit.sinha[at]



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