Recent Publications

application/pdf  Overview of Supervisory Control Strategies, Task 11, 2012
Overview of Supervisory Control Strategies Including a MATLABĀ® SimulinkĀ® Simulation Tool
2012/06/19,  1.0 MB,  M. Vandenbergh, C. Garza, A. Notholt-Vergara
application/pdf  PV Hybrid Mini-Grids: Applicable Control Methods for Various Situations
PV Hybrid Mini-Grids: Applicable Control Methods for Various Situations
2012/06/19,  3.2 MB,  L.A.C. Lopes, Concordia University et al.
application/pdf  Social, Economic and Organizational Framework for Sustainable Operation of PV Hybrid Systems within Mini-Grids
Task 11, Subtask 40, Activity 41 ISBN 978-3-906042-03-9
2012/11/15,  1.5 MB,  IEA PVPS Task 11, Subtask 40, Activity 41
application/pdf  Design and operational recommendations on grid connection of PV hybrid mini-grids
Report of Activity 25, Subtask 20, Task 11 ISBN 978-3-906042-04-6
2011/10/31,  808 KB,  IEA PVPS Task 11, Subtask 20, Activity 25
application/pdf  Communication between Components in Mini-Grids
Recommendations for communication system needs for PC hybrid mini-grid systems ISBN 978-3-906042-02-2
2011/09/30,  1.8 MB,  IEA PVPS Task 11, Steca Elektronik GmbH
application/pdf  Sustainability Conditions for PV Hybrid Systems: Environmental Considerations
Report IEA PVPS Task 11
2011/03/31,  376 KB,  Noboru Yumoto, Energy & Environment Institute
application/pdf  The Role of Energy Storage for Mini-Grid Stabilization
Report of IEA PVPS Task 11
2011/07/21,  1.9 MB,  Bella Espinar & Didier Mayer, MINES ParisTech
application/pdf  World-wide overview of design and simulation tools for hybrid PV systems
2011/02/07,  289 KB,  Task 11