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Task 14 NEDO High Penetration PV Workshop, Tokyo, Japan.

October 30, 2012

Hosted by NEDO and The University of Tokyo.
Experts from Japanese Universities, Research and the electricity industry discussed the key issues and associated challenges of integrating PV at high penetration levels with a focus on the Japanese situation.

application/pdf  11_Current PV Status and prospects in Japan
2013/04/09,  1.8 MB,  Izumi Kaizuka
application/pdf  12 Trend of Energy Policy in Japan
2013/04/09,  4.0 MB,  Kazuhiko Ogimoto
application/pdf  13_Smart Community Activities in NEDO
2013/04/09,  1.6 MB,  Satoshi Morozumi
application/pdf  14_Analysis and Forecast of PV power Variation
2013/04/09,  1.7 MB,  yoshihiko Wazawa
application/pdf  15 Japan's Challenge for a Standardiszation of Inverter Technology
2013/04/09,  1.9 MB,  Tadahiro Goda
application/pdf  21 High Penetration Projects in the USA
2013/04/09,  1.2 MB,  Barry Mather
application/pdf  22 Country Report Germany
2013/04/09,  1.6 MB,  Thomas Stetz
application/pdf  23_Connecting the Sun_EPIA
Solar Photovoltaics on the Road to large scale grid integration
2013/04/09,  1.7 MB,  Manoel Rekinger
application/pdf  24_Metamorphosis of Power Distribution
2013/04/09,  1.1 MB,  Karel de Brabandere
application/pdf  25_High-Penetration PV: Experiences in Germany and technical solutions
2013/04/09,  1.6 MB,  Martin Volkmar

Task 14 High Penetration PV Workshop, SMA, Kassel, Germany

Tuesday May 8, 2012

Hosted by SMA Solar Technology AG.
Experts from German Utilities, Inverter Manufacturing and Research will discuss the key issues and associated challenges of integrating PV at high penetration levels with a focus on the German experience.

application/pdf  WS 2012 task 14 00 Agenda Germany May 2012
2012/05/24,  110 KB,  IEA PVPS
application/pdf  01 Welcome Speech Martin Braun
2012/05/24,  322 KB,  Martin Braun, Fraunhofer IWES
application/pdf  11 E-Energy Projects
2012/05/24,  1.1 MB,  Ludwig Karg, B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH
application/pdf  12 PV Power Prediction in Germany
2012/05/24,  3.2 MB,  Elke Lorenz, University of Oldenburg
application/pdf  13 Distribution Grid Integration of PV in Germany - DSO
2012/05/24,  1.2 MB,  Johannes Brantl, E.ON Bavaria AG
application/pdf  14 System compliance of renewable energies IWES - TSO
2012/05/24,  4.3 MB,  Christian Schulz, TenneT
application/pdf  15 How smart PV Systems can Improve the Hosting Capacity
2012/05/24,  1.4 MB,  Daniel Premm, SMA Tecnology AG
application/pdf  21 Country Report USA
2012/05/24,  1.4 MB,  Benjamin Kroposki, National Renewable Energy
application/pdf  WS 2012 task 14 22 Country Report Japan Kazuhiko Ogimoto
2012/08/05,  3.5 MB,  Kazuhiko Ogimoto, University of Tokyo
application/pdf  23 Country Report China
2012/05/24,  4.0 MB,  Wang Yibo, Chinese Academy of Science

Task 14 Utility and Research Workshop, Beijing, China

Monday October 10, 2011

Hosted by the IEE Chinese Academy of Science
More than 40 workshop participants, including participants from Chinese industry and utilities
Presentations of case studies, successful examples of high penetration PV projects and the associated challenges in China (e.g. PV programs, Stanardization activities).

Presentations in Archive

application/pdf  00 Agenda Task14 Workhop Beijing China
2011/11/25,  85 KB,  IEA PVPS Task 14
application/pdf  09 Summary of the IEA PVPS Task 14 Workshop Beijing China
2011/11/25,  157 KB,  IEA PVPS Task 14

Task 14 Utility Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal

Wednesday May 11, 2011

Hosted by the EDP Inovação Portugal
More than 10 workshop participants from Iberian utilities and Universities
Presentations of case studies, successful examples of high penetration PV projects and the associated challenges (from Iberian framework and International framework as well) the United States and Australia.

Presentations in Archive

application/pdf  Workshop 2011 Task 14 Portugal Agenda
2011/07/07,  401 KB,  IEA PVPS Task 14

Task 14 Utility Workshop 2010 Golden (CO), USA

Wednesday December 1, 2010

IEA PVPS Tak 14 "High Penetratin PV into Electricity Grids" together with the U.S. Departement of Energy, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the Solar Electric Power Association hosted the "IEA PVPS Task 14 - High Penetration PV Workshop" with more than 30 workshop participnts from U.S. utilities and Task 14 experts.

At this event, workshop participants from U.S. utilities together with the experts from the IEA-PVPS Task 14 discussed successful examples of high penetration  photovoltaic projects and the associated challenge from the United States, Europe and Japan.

Presentations in Archive

application/pdf  Task 14 Workshop 2010 USA - High Penetration PV into Electricity Grids
Workshop Summary - Agenda
2010/12/17,  351 KB,  IEA PVPS Task 14

Joint Task 1/14 Workshop, Valencia, Spain

Tuesday September 7, 2010 at the European PVSEC/WCPEC

Title: "PV in Tomorrow's Electricity Grids: Problem or Panacea?"
Participants from industry, utilities, manufacturers and research
First session: technical challenges associated with the massive deployment of PV into the electricity grids
Second session: recent and upcoming demonstration projects from Europe, Japan and the U.S.

Presentations in Archive