The Grand Hôtel Suisse Majestic
Montreux, Switzerland
8-9 June 2010

Last updated: July 12th 2010

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Conference Summary (Programme)

The 5th IEA PVPS Executive Conference was successfully held on 8 – 9 June 2010 in Montreux, Switzerland. Previous editions of this international conference organised by the IEA PVPS Programme took place since 1990 in Italy, USA and Japan. Entitled The Solar Power Utility and along the tradition of this conference, a particular emphasis was given to utility issues of photovoltaics (PV). With utility scale photovoltaic systems deploying rapidly in recent years, the conference was very timely in embracing the crucial role that utilities will play as photovoltaics increasingly become a competitive option and a true business opportunity.
The conference gathered some 80 high-level participants – experts and executives – from various backgrounds such as utility, photovoltaic and finance industries, project developers as well as governmental agencies and international organisations. A unique mix of competencies and experiences provided the basis for fruitful discussions. With participants ranging from Australia, Asia, the Americas and Europe, the ambition of a truly global executive conference was well achieved and provided for detailed insights into both globally common and regionally distinct features of the photovoltaic sector and its environment. Alongside the conference focus on utility issues of PV, the three main areas addressed were the policy framework, the business environment and the technology challenges all of which are expected to change over the next decade.

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